March 24th, 2017

Local schools wear pink in the face of bullying

By Tim Kalinowski on February 16, 2017.

NEWS PHOTO EMMA BENNETT Student council members Camryn Riley (Gr 11), Rachel Walcer (Gr 12), and Kristie Newman (Gr 11) decorate the cafeteria at Crescent Heights High School with anti bullying messages on Feb. 15.

With national Pink T-Shirt Day falling during the school holiday on Feb. 22, several schools around Medicine Hat opted to host events this week instead to ensure the anti-bullying message was heard loud and clear in the city.

At Crescent Heights High School, students wore pink shirts and created a heart-tree project in the school’s commons area which had positive, life-affirming and inclusive messages for all to see.

Student Kristy Newman was one of about a dozen sticking up message hearts Wednesday.

“It’s just to show people everyone cares, and it’s giving people a voice to stop bullying,” said Newman. “I hope people will begin to see it’s not right to bring others down, and we should all be equal. No one should be treated any differently because of their race or religion. We want to make sure people know they can be themselves.”

Student Camryn Riley said bullying was a sad reality several at her school live with every day, and that’s why she decided to wear her pink shirt.

“There has been lots of problems with bullying in school. It’s more toward cyber-bullying. It’s not right to see people hurting like that … Everyone needs to know they belong in this school,” said Riley.

Riley hoped the positive messages of the school’s heart tree would help all students at Crescent Heights feel included and cared for.

“I believe bullying can affect you internally,” she said. “When you are bullied, you don’t feel the same way about yourself. I really hope people can read the messages and know they belong and people care about them.”

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