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Your Travels: A memorable camel ride in Baja

By Medicine Hat News on February 25, 2017.

SUBMITTED PHOTO Riding alongside the area's flora and fauna bushes that flourish in the area's harsh environment.

Ernest Fode

As my Sunwing 737 aircraft was approaching the San Jose del Cabo Airport, the countryside below looked strikingly similar to the arid desert region around Tucson, Arizona where I spent some time last summer.

This scenery however, was the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico.

A peninsula where the mountains meet the desert and the desert meets the Pacific Ocean.

The only vegetation is cactus and other desert growth.

To escape our January winter blues in Medicine Hat, I decided to book a seven-day all-inclusive vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Leaving Edmonton on Jan. 21 I arrived in Cabo after a four and a half hour flight.

The highlight of my Cabo vacation was a camel ride on a private beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I booked my Camel Safari tour with Cabo Adventures at my resort.

The tour (five hours duration) included round-trip transportation, a ride by 4WD truck to the camel ranch, a camel ride along cactus-lined trails, and along a breathtaking Pacific Ocean beach on a friendly, powerful “ships of the desert” camel.

After my exhilarating, bumpy camel ride, a guided nature walk lead up to a hilltop cafeteria.

My lunch at the ranch’s buffet consisted of cactus salad, chicken mole served with adobo sauce, refried beans, tortillas and spicy salsa.

My favourite tequila tasting was a drink called Gusano Rojo known for its smooth sweet taste.

The spectacular desert landscape, the feel of riding a real camel, the giant saguaro cactus and the delicious Mexican food are memories I will not soon forget.


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