April 20th, 2018

Kiwanians looking for residential eye appeal

By Mo Cranker on June 17, 2017.


The Medicine Hat Kiwanis Club is kicking off its annual best block/best residence competition around the city over the coming weeks, to highlight those in Medicine Hat who have the nicest yards and the best residential blocks.

The event has been running for more than 60 years, according to co-ordinator Jan Owen, and she says many Hatters have been recognized, with many winning more than once. She says the judges aren’t looking for anything in particular, just anything visually appealing.

“Whether it’s nice plants, trees, shrubs, grass, ornaments or even just nice cement work, we’re just looking for things that are great to look at,” she said. “As long as your yard is appealing to look it, it will be considered.”

The club divides the city into 12 sections, assigning one judge to each section before the final 12 are put up against each other for 12 new judges to decide whose lot is the best. During each round of block judging the judges will also be looking for the best individual lots in the city.

“The competition shows the pride people have in their homes and in the city they live in,” she said. “The neighbourhoods that end up winning get pretty proud and really work together sometimes. I know the judges and a lot of other people really look forward to this every year.”

Owen says the winners of the contest get a plaque to hang in their yard, and most importantly, bragging rights for the year.

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