June 18th, 2018

Rock Ramblings: Campfire music

By Medicine Hat News on May 18, 2017.

Ahh, the great outdoors. Those that can’t appreciate being one with nature call it ‘living like a squatter’ unless you’re rocking the 48-foot house on wheels but for the rest of us it’s an opportunity to retreat from the sounds of city streets, a chance to escape the hum of power lines, a window of privilege to get away from the half-naked neighbours of the world and to live off the land, or at least the portable generator and shrink-wrapped farmer sausage.

I’ve packed up the back of the travelling cube on wheels with a tent and sleeping bag and nothing else except some cheese smokies and some potatoes wrapped in tin foil. Physically and mentally, I’m prepared for a night of stargazing, smores, campfires and yes, campfire music. Ironically, eating hot dogs and baked beans from the can is frowned upon while sitting at your Royal Daulton dinner table while Sublime’s “What I Got” is being blasted from the living room stereo but change the setting to that of lawn chairs and mosquitoes and it’s like living the life of a preferred guest at the Westin, paper towels and manners not required.

Amid the 100 per cent chance of laughter and 80 per cent chance of swearing originating from scattered campfires throughout, you’ll be able pick up on memories being created through the association of song. Akin to men owning more underwear than the Crayola 64 pack, music has the ability for its’ fans to pick and choose what they prefer to listen to. I’m no different and have secured a number of Pink Floyd numbers, Patsy Cline, the aforementioned Sublime and brought it all home with some Dylan and Kings of Leon plus some David Wilcox and Dire Straits for good measure. Unfortunately and quite surprising, the VW hippie van likely parked adjacent to me will have brought what I think might be music, if you consider Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Snap and Ace of Bass, and even the Swift Current Swingin’ Fiddlers providing some sort of sounds for all to hear.

And after that glowing ball of burning gas has nestled into the western horizon one more time, so will the harem of hoodlums and their iffy musical selection. And then above the crackle of nature’s heat maker and over the quiet whisperings of conversations with no beginning or end, listen for the undeniable sounds of rock ‘n’ roll waves rolling across the breeze. If you ever recall standing on the shores of any lake anywhere there’s a positive probability that you heard someone’s conversation from across the open water, 800 yards away and this is very similar. So thanks in advance to the guy in the plaid fleece camping pants and his functioning 8-track tape player for sharing with the rest of us, some old memories and creating new ones. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s fish to feed and Jiffy Pop to purchase before the commencing of an upcoming weekend.

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