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Rock Ramblings: Top five motorcycle tunes

By Medicine Hat News on April 20, 2017.

It’s spring time in the Gas City, which really means it’s motorcycle season. Everywhere you look you can see people out and about enjoying their rides. I myself even ride, albeit I only started riding a couple summers ago. I love getting out on my Yamaha V Star 1100 Custom as often as I can. Heck, earlier this week we even brought back Born to Ride, our motorcycle giveaway with Badlands Harley Davidson. Medicine Hat truly is a motorcycle community.

Of course, motorcycles and rock go hand in hand, and those two-wheeled machines have inspired countless songs about the roaring engines and the call of the road. So in honour of bike season, I’d like to count down my top five picks for best motorcycle tunes.

5. “Live to Ride, Ride to Live” — Twisted Sister: Frontman Dee Snider is an avid biker and each year holds the annual Dee Snider Ride to Fight Hunger which benefits a food bank in his native Long Island. So it is no surprise that he wrote a great song about riding.

4. “Freewheel Burning” — Judas Priest: When Judas Priest hits the highway, or the stage, they are pedal to the heavy metal. This is more than evident in the exhilarating juggernaut that is “Freewheel Burning.” Plus, Rob Halford is no stranger to riding his Harley up on stage.

3: “Bad Motor Scooter” — Montrose: Probably the signature tune by hard rockers Montrose is “Bad Motor Scooter,” written by singer Sammy Hagar. The band struggled with the song in the studio, believing that it lacked a memorable hook. That all changed when they stumbled upon a unique Les Paul guitar sound and were able to mimic the sound of a revving motorcycle engine.

2. “Born To Be Wild” — Steppenwolf: Although it’s No. 2 on my list, this song has been synonymous with biker culture and the open road for nearly 50 years after its appearance in the opening sequence of Easy Rider. Writer Mars Bonfire has said the song’s inspiration came from a poster he saw in a window saying ‘Born to Ride’ with a picture of a motorcycle erupting out of the earth like a volcano with all this fire around it. He said “The idea of the motorcycle coming out along with the freedom and joy I felt in having my first car and being able to drive myself around whenever I wanted” is what made the song come together lyrically.

1. “Bat Out Of Hell” — Meatloaf: At nearly 10 minutes long, “Bat Out of Hell” tells one hell of a story. Composer Jim Steinman was inspired by teen tragedy tunes like “Leader of the Pack” and “Tell Laura I Love Her.” “Bat Out of Hell” surpasses them all, telling the tale of a fateful ride on a black Honda Phantom that end in fatal motorcycle wreck. When discussing the song, Steinman said, “I don’t think there’s ever been a more violent crashÉ the guy basically has his body opened up and his heart explodes like a bat out of hell.”

These five songs will no doubt make you love motorcycles even more and if you don’t have one yet, maybe you’ll find yourself down at Badlands Harley Davidson this weekend. While you’re there, check out the Sportster SuperLow 883. You could win with Born to Ride, then head to http://www.1053rock.ca for all the details.

Amber Beierbach is 105.3 ROCK’s Promo Guru! You can also hear her on air Tuesdays from 7-10 p.m.

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