June 18th, 2018

Guest Column: The end is near

By Medicine Hat News Opinon on January 9, 2017.

For the past few months, I have been sitting back observing the left-wing commentators and pundits on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CTV, CBC and others, including many left-wing newspapers. I watched as their hopes for a Democratic win in the U.S. grew into confidence when Donald Trump became the Republican nominee. Late on Nov. 8, that confidence blew up and became utter shock and disbelief. That soon grew into genuine anguish, despair and even fear. The roughly 95 per cent of the media that had supported Hilary were “gut punched” to learn that their frequently poorly disguised support for the Democrats had actually been overcome by those who were fed up with the status quo.

The silent and poorly represented hard working people had finally become fed up with the dysfunctional government that has been steering to United States into financial ruin and military susceptibility. Twenty trillion dollars in debt translates into about $160,000 for each American taxpayer. In addition to that there is an estimated unfunded liability of about $100 trillion in the U.S. social programs. There was realization that the course was unsustainable and the platitudes and political correctness would be a failing recipe if continued.

Yes, Donald Trump is a little brash and says what he thinks but it seems that he has learned in business that is how you win. The one word that does not come to mind when dealing with someone of this attitude is “political.” I think that many in the U.S. have reached the enviable conclusion that we need a whole lot less “political” in our governments.

There is a lax attitude on the left toward enforcing immigration laws. The unending social programs that were designed to give a hand up to people do little more that keep them in poverty and depression. The staggering fact is that almost 50 per cent of the people in the U.S. pay no federal tax, get some sort of government assistance or both. The country needs Donald Trump to begin to bring some semblance of order and “Make America Great Again.”

He is not even in office yet and polls, since the election, show that consumer confidence is the highest in the U.S. than it has been in 15 years. The stock market has been reaching record highs in anticipation of the changes Trump has promised.

Not everything Trump wants to do for the U.S. will be good for Canada in the short term but in the long run, a healthier U.S.A. will be healthier for Canada too. The Keystone XL pipeline will be good for Canada and is more likely to be built than any of the proposed pipelines in Canada.

More relevant to Canada is the fact that we are behind Britain, the U.S. and others in waking up to the new world reality. We still want to throw money at unproven climate change science and put our economy at a disadvantage to the rest of the world. Our prime minister wastes our tax dollars going around the world kissing butt and trying to make a name, while attempting to assure himself a position at the UN after he completes his task of turning Canada into a bunch of government reliant pot heads.

I have been enjoying the anguish on the left and marvelling at the repeated hypocritical rhetoric that comes out of their mouths. They profess equality, support for the underprivileged, disabled, LGBTQ and many others as the demonstration of their caring and openness. At the same time they fight and demonstrate in the streets to overturn the results of the centuries- old election process that brought them a result that they did not want. Many do not even possess enough charity and goodwill to celebrate the result of their election by performing at the Inauguration.

This tells me as I have always suspected, that the political left gives only lip service to the terms freedom and democracy. They only believe in freedom and democracy when it falls within their point of view. They want to control what we do, say, and eat. Donald Trump signals an end to that and this same attitude could soon be coming to a Canada.

Paul McLennan moved to Alberta more than 20 years ago as a member of the RCMP. He remained in Alberta after retirement in 2002, taught driving part time and settled in Medicine Hat in 2011.

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