April 20th, 2018

World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia

By Luke Fandrich on June 14, 2017.

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World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia
Located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, the World of Coca-Cola is an interactive museum dedicated to everything Coke. From memorabilia spanning decades to a tasting room featuring Coca-Cola from around the world to a fully functioning bottling line producing souvenir bottles of Coke, the World of Coca-Cola is a fascinating place, not least of which, because it’s an almost endless celebration of one of the biggest brands on the planet. With Coca-Cola HQ located in Atlanta it’s really no surprise to see the brand showcased like this here. In 2011, as part of Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary, the legendary secret formula was transferred from a vault at SunTrust Bank in downtown Atlanta to the World of Coca-Cola. Visitors can now view The Vault of the Secret Formula as a permanent exhibit, but you’ll just have to take their word for it that it’s actually in there.  I genuinely enjoyed exploring the World of Coca-Cola. They do a good job of representing some of the history and quirks of their brand (New Coke, anyone?) while also playing into the novelty of having people essentially walk through a giant advertisement for a soft drink. A few highlights not to be missed are the Best Picture Academy Award for Gandhi (1982) on display (Coca-Cola owned Columbia Pictures at the time) as well as a variety of unique Coca-Cola memorabilia surrounding the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. Vault of the Secret Formula.Bottling line at World of Coca-Cola.Entrance to the Secret Formula Exhibit.Best Picture Oscar for Gandhi.

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