May 25th, 2018

Disrespectful attitude spreading

By Letter to the Editor on May 17, 2017.

Re: “Federal Tories dismissing carbon pricing could be something they regret at the next election,” May 11

The condescending attitude towards Albertans simply shows the writer’s disrespect for fellow Canadians. The line “In case you haven’t heard yet Alberta” simply shows the typical and not uncommon “holier-than-thou” attitude expressed by most in Toronto towards Western Canadians in general. I didn’t realize this attitude had spread to other parts of Ontario.

To express myself in modern lingo: Back at you, babe.

John MacLaren

Medicine Hat

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One Response to “Disrespectful attitude spreading”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Where was John when our hero Peter Lougheed was urging the Klein and Stelmach governments to slow down the growth of the oilsands and get control of our pollution, they wouldn’t listen? How does he explain the fact that it was the oil industry that was trying to get the Conservative governments to put the Carbon Tax in place and the Conservatives refused to do so? Has he been to Norway and Alaska and talked to the people, like I have, to see what their oil wealth is doing for them?

    Those who had ties to the oil industry 25 years ago still keep in touch with oilmen. Has he bothered to talk to any of them who claim that if we don’t do something about our pollution Albertans are going to face massive lawsuits? Has he ever been to Fort McMurray and seen the pollution being created. We are told 70% of it is drifting into Saskatchewan. Has he heard the oilmen state that they would never move their families to Fort McMurray and subject them to the pollution, it’s bad enough that they have to work in it?

    Before MacLaren goes mouthing off about the facts he’s being presented with, maybe he had better educate himself with the truth. Why does he think so many Alberta Conservatives voted for the NDP in the last election? The fact is they realized they were being treated like morons by a government that was an obvious dictatorship and nothing like the Conservatives we proudly supported under Lougheed and Getty. Why has he been paying the highest property taxes in Canada, the highest power bills and while us Alberta seniors pay a 10% flat tax my B.C. relatives pay 5.06%. Why does he think we have a huge shortage of schools, hospitals, doctors,nurses and our roads are in terrible shape? As lawyers, oilmen, chartered accountants and bankers will tell you it’s all thank’s to Ralph Klein, the guy I had known since 1964, and certainly wouldn’t support him.

    Those of us who consider ourselves to be true Conservatives weren’t dumb enough to elect Ralph Klein, who always bragged about being a Liberal, so why did MacLaren? We certainly know our cost of living wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is if Klein hadn’t destroyed what Lougheed created for us. We have a family member , in a nursing home, at a cost of nearly $11,000. per month. How many of the Klein-lovers are going to be able to pay that if they are forced to do so? The horror stories we are hearing from families that supported Klein and wished they hadn’t is growing. As one man said to me “I thought Klein was a wonderful Premier, now I wish I had never heard of the bastard. While he gave away our oil wealth he has forced my family into financial ruin”. I can assure you these people will never vote Conservative , in this province again, why would they?

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