June 20th, 2018

Using ‘green’ to get rich

By Letter to the Editor on March 20, 2017.

Have parts of the world have been fooled by a climate conspiracy, grown almost to a quasi-religion? If not, then why the need for falsification of climate data? Follow the power and greed.

The United Nations created the IPCC, a political body, to review and assess scientific, technical, and socioeconomic information worldwide. It was hi-jacked into a global government, run by non-elected bureaucrats self-financing through greenhouse gas emissions (Kyoto fines, climate reparation charges, and commissions on cap and trade schemes), and now moving into land use control through ‘sustainability’. Despite 10 years of admitted repeated misinformation and subsequent tainted studies (still quoted), and supposed reforms the UN has allowed the IPCC to maintain its power.

Politicians could also raise money through green house gas emissions — carbon taxes and cap and trade. They picked economic winners and losers. Trillions in corporate welfare went to new “green” companies (over $20 billion yearly in the U.S. alone) for “green” economic “diversification.” Executives became the new “green” millionaires. “Green” companies kicked back portions of the taxpayer money to politicians for re-election campaigns and inaugural committees. Most importantly, the many climate scandals worldwide were whitewashed to protect the “green” voting blocks they needed to stay in power.

Thousands of “green” NGO foundations/lobbies greedily popped up. Many were “for hire” and never about the science. Lots collected billions in memberships, donations and grants. The organizations’ top executives became filthy” rich as they pumped out extraordinary amounts of “green” propaganda and vicious criticism of anyone who challenged them.

The coerced, yet deceitful, scientists were rewarded with grant money and jobs. The shadier media got their easy, sensational, fear-mongering stories and some celebrities got to feel erroneously self-righteous.

For years, trillions that should have been spent on strengthening economies, infrastructure, and long term planning were diverted and wasted as numerous “green” companies and initiatives failed. However, many other countries (e.g. China) instead listened to their esteemed physicists re sun cycle related climate change and the entering of a new volatile cooling period. They wasted no time in building loads of coal-fired electric plants and China has whole ‘ghost cities’ ready for the southward migration plus substantial farmland in Africa. Many other unfortunate areas may need years to rebuild their infrastructure and affordable energy systems as people face “fuel poverty” (e.g. UK, Ont.).

Barb Taylor

Medicine Hat

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2 Responses to “Using ‘green’ to get rich”

  1. banjokaz says:

    Barb, I feel like my IQ has dropped significantly from even skimming through your tirade of conspiracy theories and false information. Your wild imaginings should be kept tightly secured under that tinfoil hat of yours. I won’t dignify your individual musings with a retort of actual facts, because this “debate” was over long before it began. Please educate yourself, and stop making our whole species look bad.

  2. Fedup Conservative says:

    Want to bet Barb is a senior? I say that because my senior friends and I only see seniors doing this. They just can’t understand the truth. The fact is they can’t handle it. It doesn’t matter what they see on TV . Massive storms causing billions of dollars in damages, costing people their lives they just shut their minds and pretend it isn’t happening. The young people we talk to aren’t like that.

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