May 25th, 2018

Tragedy was a result of an ignorant attitude

By Letter to the Editor on February 15, 2017.

It seems that the trend of Islamophobia that had been magnified since last year’s U.S. election, has reached its summit in the Quebec City shootings. The lives of innocent human beings — forget being Muslim — were taken away on the grounds of their faith. No Muslim, Christian, Jew or atheist deserves any sort of persecution or marginalization. We are all human, and we each have a right to express ourselves in whatever form we please.

What’s important now is to recognize that this unfortunate tragedy was a result of an ignorant attitude, and we must protect ourselves against it. We must learn to accept religion, cultural and ethnic differences and work towards unity.

As an Ahmadi Muslim, who has personally felt the the effects of Islamophobia, I sympathize with the victims of these attacks, and offer my most sincere condolences and prayers for their families.

Khizar Karim

Alliston, Ont.

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