April 19th, 2018

Thankful for kindness found in Medicine Hat

By Letter to the Editor on January 10, 2017.

After our mother and grandmother suffered a life-changing stroke this fall, it became very important for us to have her at the home for one last Christmas hurrah.

When the van arrived at the nursing home to pick up Grandma, we realized there must have been a communication mix-up, as a non-wheelchair accessible van was sent. Mildly panicking we began trying to figure out how to get her home last minute, at 4:30 p.m., on Christmas day. Myself a nurse, I was running every conceivable scenario in my head to transfer Grandma safely from wheelchair to car, and kept coming up without a viable solution. It was then through a couple of well-placed calls by my mother that Shelly Withers of Colette Cares Companionship & Transportation Services came into our lives.

After hearing the story, a very busy and fully booked Shelly said “yes I can help you, it’s Christmas after all.”

Having Grandma home for Christmas was a wonderful time and a memory that will be with us forever. Had it not been for Shelly, I’m not sure it would have happened. I want to extend many thanks to this amazing person and her fabulous business, may 2017 bring you many blessings.

Happy New Year!

Justin Burkett


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