April 19th, 2018

Eager to see how U.S. fares under Trump

By Letter to the Editor on January 5, 2017.

Re: “Guest column: Trump’s presidency signals an end to civility in American society,” Dec. 31

I sometimes wonder why I read columns like this. One can say it’s a good thing and can make you think. Another viewpoint is that some people are just so different in their world outlook. That is Peter Mueller and I.

If Mr. Mueller is concerned about civility he does not have to use President-elect Donald Trump as an example. He could have followed the very uncivil left-wing bias, comments and articles against our last PM, Stephen Harper.

Personally I am looking forward to see how the U.S. does under Trump. I am also hopeful Germany and France will wake up and throw their liberal elites out as well. The year 2017 will be interesting for political junkies like me.

Roger Beebe

Medicine Hat

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One Response to “Eager to see how U.S. fares under Trump”

  1. Harriet Shoebridge says:

    re: Roger Bebee response, Trump presidency signals end to civility in American society.

    Rudeness has become the new normal and one could say that The Donald grabbed the rudeness ball, headed for the end line, and scored a touchdown. What he also did, left unsaid, is realize that rude behaviour, at this time, passes for assertiveness and played out that strategy with a gut wrenching ruthlessness. Speaking for myself, I rather enjoy civil discourse, that exchange of ideas and opinion characterized by treating one another with respect. And if this pleasant social interaction marks me as a lefty, well, then so be it. If Trump sticks with the game plan, his presidency will be marked by abrasion until such time as a finger in the air and F-bombs become tiresome. And then and because he is an operator, President Trump will opt for civility. A person just has to wait for it.

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