May 27th, 2018

Writer’s words misrepresented in response

By Letter to the Editor on January 3, 2017.

In the Dec. 17 issue of your newspaper, you published my letter (“Councillor’s ‘private company’ remarks are irresponsible”) where I commented on a direct quote made by Coun. Les Pearson: “There is always a danger of getting into bed with a private company.” His quote stands alone and I found his comments definitive, targeted and all encompassing. The context is concerning private rinks and the City subsidizes them because they bring visitors to the city using hotels, restaurants and the shops.

In the Dec. 26 issue, I read a rambling response from the councillor (“All privatization factors should be considered”), void of any relevant response to my letter. He then continues by stating in his letter, “But Bill’s uncritical acceptance that private companies should have unfettered access to public funding in partnership with for-profit ventures is narrow and shortsighted.”

Let me caution the councillor, that he best be careful going forward, when he misrepresents what he assumes someone might think and has it recorded in a public journal. For the record, I have never uttered anything close to the accusation in his statement.

Finally, it is interesting to note that the councillor says that he won’t resign, but in fact he intends to run for office again. This sounds somewhat similar to the recent words spoken by a gal named Hillary!

Happy New Year.

Bill Yuill

Medicine Hat

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