June 28th, 2017

Canada 150

Canadian inventors have changed the world

By The Canadian Press on April 25th, 2017

TORONTO – Zippers. Garbage bags. Paint rollers. Some items are so ingrained in our lives we don’t stop to consider life without them — how we would do up a jacket, take out the trash or give a wall a fresh coat of paint. But without the Canadians behind these inventions, all these tasks — ... Read More »

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Canada 150 flowers going fast

By Peggy Revell on April 19th, 2017

prevell@medicinehatnews.com @MHNprevell Big birthday blooms. Local greenhouses are preparing for an increased demand for red and white flowers as Hatters get into the nation’s 150th birthday spirit. “It started with the tulip,” said Corrine Hoffner, with Windmill Garden Centre. The official “Canada 150 tulip” was unveiled last year in time for planting in the fall ... Read More »

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The legacy of the conscription crisis of WW1

By The Canadian Press on April 18th, 2017

MONTREAL – Canadian mythology suggests the country earned its sovereignty from the British Crown in the First World War, after legions of soldiers from Victoria to Charlottetown gallantly stormed German defences along the Western Front and were instrumental in the Allied cause. But as Canadians were fighting the Germans, back home the country was at ... Read More »

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Small steps have made Canada a great country over 150 years

By Medicine Hat News Opinon on April 13th, 2017

Easter Monday marks 75 days until the celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary — the halfway point of the 150-day counter that first appeared on the News’ front page in February. At that time an editorial challenged readers to consider how they could engage is a special commemoration of Canada’s sesquicentennial. So, how are things coming ... Read More »

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MHCBE planning huge Canada 150 celebration at all schools

By Tim Kalinowski on April 12th, 2017

tkalinowski@medicinehatnews.com @MHNTimKal The Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education is planning to go all out to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. The celebration, called “A Day Celebrating Canada,” will take place May 30 in all MHCBE schools. On Tuesday, the board of trustees received a brief on some activities and events students will be engaged in ... Read More »

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Tracing the roots of Canada’s love for hockey

By Canadian Press on April 11th, 2017

Unpack what hockey means to Canada on the country’s sesquicentennial and you are immediately shin guard-deep in cultural touchstones: A Wayne Gretzky rookie card, a Starr skate, Roch Carrier’s story “The Hockey Sweater,” Jacques Plante’s trailblazing fiberglass mask, the lucky loonie buried in centre ice at the 2002 Olympics, a hockey stick wrapped in rainbow ... Read More »

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Ask what you can do for your country during Canada 150

By Medicine Hat News on March 29th, 2017

One of the stories that went largely under-reported in the federal government’s 2017 budget, which was awash in a $28 billion deficit and left huge, glaring tax holes open for the obscenely rich as its highlights, was the phasing out of the Canada Savings Bond program by November 2017. It’s true the bond market isn’t ... Read More »

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50 years later, Canada’s centennial trees are thriving

By Gillian Slade on March 29th, 2017

gslade@medicinehatnews.com  @MHNGillianSlade A tree planted by a little boy to celebrate Canada’s centennial is thriving 50 years later as the nation celebrates its 150th birthday this year. A Grade 1 student at Earl Kitchener School, Dennis Gries came home in the spring of 1967 with a sapling coniferous tree about five inches high. It ... Read More »

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Collector’s Corner: New coins for Canada 150

By Medicine Hat News on March 25th, 2017

Before I start about the new coins for this year I would like to remind readers about the travelling coin and silver dealers that appeared on March 11 at a city hotel. For those of you who may have attended I hope that you got prices before you went. I attended and they offered me ... Read More »

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Eye on the Esplanade: Ceramics exhibition shows varied interpretations of Canada’s formation

By Medicine Hat News on March 24th, 2017

This year, Canadians will celebrate 150 years as a nation. To commemorate this unique occasion, the Esplanade Art Gallery presents Oh Ceramics! a national exhibition featuring 16 ceramic artists from across Canada. We thought it was most appropriate to present an exhibition of high-calibre Canadian artists working in clay, the bedrock of our region and ... Read More »

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